Simple shit.

Soy una sarcástica y hostilmente honesta.. Simple y sencillamente un poco loca.
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Tener un pensamiento profundo, volver a la realidad y darte cuenta que estabas mirando fijamente a alguien.

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the way Taylor looks at Laura

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You’re the moon, Larry, you’ve got to stop being the moon. It doesn’t have its own light.

I used to wear boxers and a tank top, but now I sleep in the nude. It’s kind of weird, because I used to have to wear something to bed, whether it was a tank top or whatever. And now if I have any clothes at all on, it’s really hard to get to sleep.

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Pornstache without the pornstache

Hes kinda hot wtf


Piper: "You put me in danger!"

Alex: "You loved it.." 


That orgasmic face again.


What is love?
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